Once a prosperous expanse in the north of Cormyr, some terrible event almost 40 years ago caused a darkness to settle on the land. Few remember what happened, but all citizens call the misfortune “The Blood Curse.”

Despite the cosmopolitan nature of cities like Corcliff and Valwald, with their universities and scientific lodges, the entire land has been afflicted by the curse, which is, more correctly, a kind of wasting plague that can sometimes kill a person in a single night. And worse, those killed by the plague do not rest in their graves, but instead often rise as undead wights called “husks.”

In response to the affliction, many years ago, the people of Lochrose abandoned the worship of their patron god Ilmater and turned to appeasement of the three goddesses of woe: Talona, Beshaba, and Loviatar. Over time, this worship has evolved into the Temple of the Three Woes, a powerful economic, political, and religious presence throughout the domain.

Baron Galvin Lochrose still rules the domain, even though his wife Medora was one of the first victims of the Curse. The baron has little to do with the day‐to‐day administration of the barony, but he makes public appearances from time to time, when he takes a wife from among the peasantry. Sadly, the ladies of Lochrose do not live long after, as they are always taken by the Curse before they can give the baron an heir.

Most of the populace pities their ruler, who once was a boisterous, brawny, cheerful man. They say prayers of appeasement that the Woes spare him further sorrow, while secretly hoping that their daughters may never be picked to become one of his many doomed wives.
Interestingly, science and technology are much more prevalent in Lochrose than in most other domains or worlds. Firearms are a common weapon, while art, philosophy, and machinery are studied extensively in the two major cities. The study of medicine and biology, however, has been outlawed by the Temple, and the earls who serve Baron Lochrose take the matter very seriously.

The Temple of the Three Woes, despite its patron deities, is not an overtly evil organization. Its purpose and mission is to stave off the wrath of the Blood Curse, which most Lochrose natives believe to have come from the three goddesses. The organization has many good‐aligned members, and they are not prohibited from healing the injured and tending to the sick. No human sacrifice or ritual scarification is part of the rites used by the Temple. Indeed, it seems that the Woes care little about spreading sickness and pain—it is only worship and adulation that pleases them.

Blood Curse